We are:

  • Facilitating and expanding education policy research across the University and enhancing communication among university-based researchers, policy makers, and practitioners statewide in support of the search for solutions to the education problems that face New Mexico.

  • Providing comprehensive consultation, planning and evaluation services for education related agencies and constituencies.

  • Encouraging the use of research in policy action and improvement of practice, without bias for particular policies or programs.

  • Helping to build capacity for school reform by identifying what matters for student success and school improvement, creating critical indicators to chart progress, and conducting theory-driven evaluation to identify how programs and policies are working.

  • Conducting rigorous program evaluation across a variety of settings and provide evaluation expertise and services to diverse agencies, organizations, business, and industry.


How are we accomplishing our mission

  • By providing better access to data for policymakers, practitioners and community members so they may better understand its meaning and implications.

  • By fostering and sustaining a rigorous, broad-based education research program for the benefit of New Mexicans.

  • Through assembling teams of leading policy analysts and social scientists to work with school data on key educational issues and problems facing our state.

  • By creating new venues in which policymakers, practitioners, and researchers can regularly use educational data to address current issues.

  • By cultivating a new generation of scholars focused on educational data and policy impact.

  • By working toward economic sustainability as an independent entity and valued partner in helping New Mexico improve its education system.